Did you know that wearing a matching set of lingerie has been proven to have an impact on a woman’s self-esteem? It comes as no surprise, with the lingerie industry going from strength to strength in recent decades as women welcome experimenting with their underwear, embracing it as much more than simply a practical garment.

Lingerie is no longer just bras and knickers. We now have the option of bodysuits, corsets, teddies, slips - the list goes on and on! There’s styles, shapes and colours to suit every single one of us, with intricate lace, bows, ribbons and ruffles. Lingerie has taken on a whole new meaning, symbolising femininity and sexiness. 

Your little secret

So, what is it about lingerie that makes us feel so wonderful and empowered? Perhaps it’s something to do with the liberation of being able to express our true selves. We live in a world where people make assumptions about women by the way we look and the clothes that we wear - but no one can say anything about our lingerie because no one else can see it. We may have to wear a uniform to work during the week, and we may wear our comfiest casual clothes on the weekend, but we can experiment and liberate ourselves to our heart’s content underneath!

Whilst the special people in our lives may appreciate a good lingerie set, it’s something that you should buy and wear for you that makes you feel and look as good as you deserve to. When it comes to your favourite lingerie set, feeling like the best version of you is essential and is the ultimate act of self-love.

Comfort is the new sexy

One of the best things about society’s recent lingerie obsession is that brands are putting comfort at the forefront at even the most intricate of designs, meaning the secure and cosy styles we’d usually grab for when we’re not feeling our best no longer have to be boring. It’s something that we’re passionate about here at Tutti Rouge, dedicated to creating fashion focused pieces with the utmost support and comfort. When we feel good whilst being comfortable, we’re unstoppable!

If there’s one piece of advice that we have for you, it’s to find a style that’s perfect for your figure and celebrates your body, making you feel a million dollars on a regular Monday in the office, during your weekly food shop or whilst you’re simply lounging at home. The most empowering thing about lingerie is that it is for you, and you alone.

Get empowered

True confidence comes from within and being comfortable within your own skin, not from what you wear on it. However, making the decision to wear lingerie that makes you feel empowered is a huge part of this. For curvy girls with a fuller bust, finding that lingerie is not always easy, which is why Tutti Rouge are so committed to creating fashion forward undies that fit you perfectly. We have a huge selection of styles and shapes, for cup sizes D to J and back sizes 28 to 44. Only the very best, stylish and comfortable styles find their way into our collections, so get ready to feel amazing every single day!

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