What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are something that divides everybody. For some, the promise of a fresh new year full of change soon fades by January 3rd when they realise that everything is still the same. However, for many, it’s the perfect time to set some goals and visualise where they’d like to be by the end of the year.

We love starting the New Year on a positive note and 2019 will be no different! If you’re struggling with your resolutions this year, here’s a few bra related changes to make – and stick to – in 2019…

Get measured & find your correct size

If, like a lot of women you haven’t been measured in years, make this the first thing on your list! Almost 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. We promise you that you’ll love your boobs so much more if you put them in the right size bra and give them the opportunity to look as fabulous as possible.

Embrace your shape

If you’ve ever been the type to hide your boobs, then make it your mission to stop. Confidence is sexy and you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. Boobs are beautiful, whatever the shape and size. Find a bra that makes you feel a million dollars and wear it every day – even if you’re just doing the food shop!

Have a clear out

We’re pretty sure that so many girls are guilty of keeping all the bras that no longer really fit and have been washed so many times that they have lost their elasticity. They might be your comfort blanket on days when you just want something familiar, but do you really need them? With the right bra, you’ll be just as comfortable but twice as fierce and ready for anything.

Treat yourself

Do away with the excuses and treat yourself ‘just because’! Add some beautiful newbies to your collection from Tutti Rouge and seize 2019 looking and feeling your absolute best. With so many styles, colours and back sizes from 28 to 44 and cup sizes D to J, we’re confident that you’ll find your new fave bra here!