The Stages of Finding the Perfect Bra

Finding the perfect bra isn’t easy and it doesn’t *usually* happen overnight. It’s a long process that most of us know well, and the rest of us are yet to experience…

The shopping urge

Ok, you give in. You can just about get away with buying more lingerie. It’s time to resume the search for the perfect bra.

Getting measured – it’s been a while

We’ve all been there – realising that you are long overdue a bra fitting. Did you know that boobs actually change at least six times over the course of our lifetime? Tutti Rouge recommends getting measured annually so find the time to head to a professional fitting or give it a go at home.

Assessing the shape of your boobs

Round? Bell-shaped? Asymmetric? Where on earth do you fit in? Chances are, you’ll more or less fall into one of these categories and once you’ve worked out which, your search will become much easier.

Embracing your shape

Next question – what style of bra should you be in? Well, the bra that makes you feel good and gives you the right support of course. From t-shirt bras to balconettes, it’s good to do a little research and shortlist a few styles to test drive.

Trying on everything

You’re scouring the internet and adding every colour of plunge bra into your online basket ready to experiment and compare to your heart’s content. You’ve now fully accepted that you’re about to spend your entire life savings on pretty underwear in every colour.

Finding ‘the one’

It’s all been worth it. You feel like you’ve won the lottery. It’s the perfect style in your correct size and it’ll go with everything. Hallelujah!

Taking on the world

Your boobs are supported, the bra is so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing one, and you look and feel fierce. Congratulations – you have completed your quest and you’re ready to take on the world!