Underwear as Outerwear

The well-loved underwear as outerwear trend opens up a world of never-before-considered opportunities to anyone’s wardrobe. The possibilities are endless; from cute and subtle, to bold, sassy statements and everything in between. Everyone owns underwear, so there’s no reason not to flaunt it and give this trend a whirl. Lingerie is so in that it’s out, ladies.

Bossing in bodysuits

Arguably the easiest place to start with this trend is a bodysuit, such as our much loved Eva body. This ‘go to’ body is designed to be seen, in any number of ways. It has daytime potential, paired with a dose of double denim action in a denim jacket and high waisted jeans combo. The brave amongst us can take it to the next level for the evening worn underneath a sheer dress, or opt for a little more coverage with leather-look trousers or a skirt.

Body’s are a definite head-turner and made for the girl who loves to make a statement with her fashion. Blogger-babe Cara bossed this trend by pairing our Eva body with a red co-ord and we’re obsessed!


What’s not to love? Probably the most comfortable lingerie option out there, bralettes are lightweight, soft and so easy to wear. In recent times, bralettes have become as much as a fashion accessory as they have a lingerie garment. Bralettes are certainly no longer exclusively for lazy, comfy Sundays.

Again, you can go from one end of the spectrum to the other with a good bralette. We’re slightly biased but you can’t go wrong with our Taylor Noir. It’s at its most versatile when layered subtly as part of your outfit. We’re talking pretty frills of lace peeking out from underneath low necklines on your shirts or slouchy knits. On the flipside, for evenings and nights out simply wear it as a crop top with high waisted trousers or a skirt. It’s longline design and cups to lift and support means you’ll feel the perfect amount of covered up and super sassy!

Knickers? As part of your outfit?!

Yes, you read that correctly – we can confirm that it is possible with the right pair of knickers! We were super inspired by Sarah who styled up our Phoenix Floral Brazilian knickers with an all-black look. The harness waist detail on these high waisted Brazilians makes them the perfect little-something-extra for an evening outfit.

With underwear as outerwear, it’s all about thinking beyond the bedroom. If you need some inspiration on working your lingerie into your outfit, head to our Instagram page @tuttirougelingerie. Our Tutti Rouge girls nail the trend every time and we’re always sharing their looks.


6 Things Men Will Never Understand About Bras

Every woman is aware of the good and bad of bras. Nothing beats a well-fitting and comfortable bra that makes you feel amazing – however, give us a heatwave and an unexpected-underwiring-poke incident and it’s a whole different story. Here are six all too familiar things that men will never understand about bras…

The unbeatable feeling of taking your bra off at the end of a long day

Home is where the bra isn’t, am I right?

There’s a different bra for every situation

Your date night bra, your comfy bra, your feel-good bra, your bad-day bra…

Bra sizing

It’s a complicated science understood solely by an elite few. To be honest, the majority of females probably aren’t sure either!

The satisfaction of wearing a matching set

Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together quite like wearing a matching underwear set. It happens once in a blue moon but when it does, it’s pretty special.

The annoyance of your bra straps constantly falling down

It’s infuriating. This could be because you’re in the wrong size or style for your boobs, your straps have lost a bit of elasticity and need tightening, or you need to ditch the bra altogether and update your collection. The latter sounds most appealing!

They’re an extra way to store food

There’s nothing like accidentally dropping food down your shirt and then finding it at the end of the day… Lovely.

The constant battle of a strapless bra

Yes, they make wearing many outfits possible but you will spend 90% of your time pulling it up and rearranging yourself.


Need we say more? #boobsweat.


10 Questions We Ask Everyone – The Lingerie Princess

  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamourous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why?

    Miley Cyrus, because she is my absolute queen and I love her. My second guest would be my best friend because we don’t get to go out and do fancy things together very often as we live almost 400 miles apart!

  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us…

    My fave summer outfit – a little black and white striped crop top, yellow ¾ length high waist culottes and black Vans. Plus my cosy snuggly black cardigan!

  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing?

    Start Over – Imagine Dragons

  4. What film character best describes you?

    I’d probably have to say Hermione from Harry Potter – I’m a bit nerdy and know-it-all-y and was always teacher’s pet in school!

  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    To be able to teleport

  6. Who is your celebrity crush?

    Dougie Poynter from McFly is always my number one, but I’m also crushing on Dan Reynolds, Taylor Swift and Chris Pratt!

  7. Bra, Bralette or Body – which is your fave?

    Ooh, it’s gotta be a body I think. They’re so versatile and you can style them as outerwear – winner!

  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk?

    Honestly I’m not huge on fashion so I honestly couldn’t say. I’d probably be watching a lingerie brand though so lets say Cora Harrington (The Lingerie Addict) is there and one of my blogger pals!

  9. What’s been your best age so far and why?
    I’m 26 now and I think 25 was my best age. My teens into my early 20s were full of pretty low mental health periods and I just got bad news after bad news. Once I hit 24/25 it’s really settled down and I’ve genuinely been enjoying my life again! I moved in with my boyfriend, I got a great career opportunity and I set my little blog up. It’s been good!
  10. What is your secret talent that not everyone would know?

    I can fit 33 whole Maltesers in my mouth…


What Makes Lingerie so Empowering?

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are something that divides everybody. For some, the promise of a fresh new year full of change soon fades by January 3rd when they realise that everything is still the same. However, for many, it’s the perfect time to set some goals and visualise where they’d like to be by the end of the year.

We love starting the New Year on a positive note and 2019 will be no different! If you’re struggling with your resolutions this year, here’s a few bra related changes to make – and stick to – in 2019…

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Christmas Gift Guide for you

Let’s get in the lingerie Christmas spirit!  

Christmas is just around the corner, with less than a month left to go! Why don’t you treat yourself to some luxury lingerie this Christmas?! Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, or if you’re overwhelmed with our selection, we’re here to help you! We’re here to break this down, work out what you’ll most love and what styles would take your fancy!
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