10 Questions We Ask Everyone – Tutti Rouge Customer – Nic Hutson

  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamourous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why?
    Ooh, now does that have to be people I actually know, or famous people? If it’s people I know, then my two best pals that I don’t get to see often enough – I’d love a good catch-up over some fancy food and wine! Or for famous-ish people it would be Jack Monroe and Munroe Bergdorf. Jack is a non-binary food writer/author and activist and someone I’ve looked up to for a long while, and Munroe is a model and social activist, and also seems like she’d be really down-to-earth in person.
  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us…
    It would definitely have to be my fave red tartan trousers, a mesh t-shirt, Rougette Sasha bralette (you know it’s my all-time favourite), chunky black Underground creepers, O-ring belt and chunky chain necklaces to accessorise, and my massive oversized vintage leopard faux fur coat. Cute, comfy, and ready for most occasions. 
  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing?
    Maybe a bit cheesy, but I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance by Carly Rae Jepsen, or really anything by her! I have this playlist called Dance If You’re Lonely which is literally just Carly, Robyn and Mitski, and I put it on whenever I’m feeling down and just dance around the house until I feel better.
  4. What film character best describes you?
    Okay I have to confess I asked my best friend for this one and she said Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings – and it’s true! I’m nosey as hell, but I love my friends, plants, and my home. I’m definitely the mom friend.
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    Ooh, maybe teleportation. There’s so much I wanna see and so many internet pals I want to visit, and imagine the amount I’d save on train fares!
  6. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Definitely Gillian Anderson, I’ve had a massive crush on her since I was about 15!
  7. Bra, Bralette or Body – which is your fave?
    Bralette! Super comfy, easy to wear, and works well as underwear or outerwear.
  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk?
    Okay, so either side of me would have to be the two total babes Kaitlin @prettyflyfatgal of @bodypositivescotland, and Africa @africabrooke of @thecherryrevolution. They’re two awesome powerful women that I’ve got to know through instagram recently, and I can’t believe none of us have met irl yet! And on the catwalk would have to be an indie plus-inclusive brand like Plus Equals or Isolated Heroes. There definitely needs to be more plus representation on the catwalks and those two are constantly pushing boundaries with gorgeous faux fur and sequins in larger sizes!
  9. What’s been your best age so far and why?
    The age I am now, 24. It started off pretty badly with a big breakup, but I’ve grown a lot since and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Looking forward to 25!
  10. What is your secret talent that not everyone would know?
    I’m a pretty awesome cook! My mum’s been a chef since before I was born, and she passed her passion onto me from a young age. My speciality is probably a tofu ‘BLT’ or a good veggie roast dinner.