Q+A with Curve Model and Blogger Jess Megan

We got in touch with an inspirational woman, Jess Megan! A curve model, social media influencer and brand ambassador! The lovely Jess shared with us her modelling career, the best bits about being a model, and her favourite Tutti Rouge and Rougette products. Not to mention her go to lingerie pieces, styles, and colours that take her fancy! You can find Jess on her Instagram @jess_megan_

The Q&A is featured below… enjoy, happy reading!

1) How did you get into modelling and when did you start?
I got into modelling nearly three years ago now! I sort of started on Instagram, then some photographers approached me for shoots. I wasn’t keen because I didn’t see myself as a model, more as a blogger and online presence. But the first shoot was a doddle and it just snowballed from there!

2) What encouraged/inspired you to become a model?
I was never so much inspired by anyone, because at the time there weren’t that many curve models around. It was mostly a community of plus size bloggers. I didn’t fall into either category that neatly, because I’m a size 12-14, which is bigger than the agency standard but smaller than a size 16!
Leyah Shanks of The Body Confidence revolution gave me ambassadorship on her website and it pushed me to become a model with a message. I do it because I love it.

3) What’s the best part about being a model?
Creating art with talented and interesting people. It’s like taking a Polaroid and watching the results come to life. I also love getting to perform for the camera, it’s like second nature to me.


4) Do you have any favourite Tutti Rouge products, if so what are these and why?
The first piece Tutti ever sent me: The Jessica Set in Red, I was super pleased not only because I felt like Tutti had named a set after me, but because I’m a sucker for all things red. I just love the colour.

5) Do you have any favourite Rougette products, if so what are these and why?
My absolute favourite so far is Phoenix! When I tried it on I literally yelled “YAS QUEEN!”

6) Are there any particular colours you go for when choosing your lingerie?
Red. Red. Red. Sometimes black. But red.

7) Do you have a favourite type/style of lingerie?
I’m an easy sell if it’s a set that’s high waisted, I love pinup type lingerie and accentuating my waist and bum!

8) What are your go to comfy lingerie pieces?
Rougette Phoenix and Eva hands down. Ashley looks comfy too, but I haven’t tried her yet!