Brand new to Tutti Rouge… The fitting room!

Did you know 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Why is this? There are many reasons why you may not know your correct bra size. Maybe the thought of being fitted by a stranger is putting you off or you’ve got a little too comfortable with that one good old trusty bra. Guilty? Don’t worry…many of us have never known our correct bra size for these exact reasons!

What if you could find out your perfect bra size from the comfort of your own home? Well…with our brand-new fitting room now you can!

The fitting room is new to Tutti Rouge and here to guide you through finding your perfect size. In just 4 quick and easy questions we can give you an accurate reading of the size we think will be best suited to you. I know what you’re thinking…how could we possibly know from the other side of the screen? Well let me explain… here at Tutti Rouge we have over 25 years of lingerie expertise focusing on the fuller bust. AKA when it comes to a good fitting bra we know what we’re talking about!

The fit journey…

Step 1: First we will ask you what size your trusty everyday bra is. This will give us an indication of what you’re currently wearing and what you feel most comfortable in. A good foundation to start undercovering your true size.

Step 2: We will then ask you how the band fits on this bra. Is it digging in your sides creating the dreaded ‘back fat’? Is it too lose and not giving you the support you need or is it just right?

Step 3: Next we need to know how your cups fit…are they gaping a little? Are your boobs spilling over them? Or are you sitting perfectly in place?

Step 4: Lastly, we want to know how your straps fit. Are they uncomfortably digging into your shoulders or annoyingly lose and keep falling down?

& it’s that simple! From these 4 simple answers we can identify your perfect size bra and you will no longer be cluelessly trawling through shops or on the web! To take the test yourself click the ‘fit me’ tab on the top bar of our website or click this link:


Need further size assistance? Not to worry…pop up on our live chat via our website or DM us on any of our social medias and one of our expert Lingeristas will be there to help guide you! Finding your size has never been easier.


From the team at Tutti. X




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