Lingerie should be the gift you give yourself this Christmas.

Christmas is a time of giving. It’s a time to share with your loved ones, and it’s so easy to get swept up buying thoughtful (and sometimes pricey) gifts for your friends and family, or to spend a whole lot of November and December enjoying office Secret Santa, Christmas dinners, Christmas parties, and (of course) Christmas movies. Love Actually, anyone? 

But sometimes, during this time of warmth, we leave ourselves out in the cold and forget to show ourselves some love. Here’s why lingerie is the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas. 

Feel Iconic, Look Iconic

There’s nothing more iconic than the moment in Love Actually that Alan Rickman’s mistress shimmies into her Christmas party dress whilst wearing that beautiful red lingerie? Sure, we hate her because she made Emma Thompson cry, but she really was 100% an icon. 


Let’s be real. There’s very little in the world that can make a person feel strong, sexy and empowered like a matching set of beautiful underwear. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it really does do wonders. Feeling strong and sexy over a time of year often associated with eating too much and putting on weight is super important – accept your beautiful bod year round!

Get in the Christmas Spirit

Lingerie trends are just as seasonal as any other clothing. Whilst light breezy blues, nudes, pinks, and soft floral prints might be exactly what you feel like over spring and summer, autumn and winter do seem to call for something a bit darker and more sultry, maybe something lacy, or something in a christmassy red or deep purple. If keeping warm whilst feeling sexy is on your mind, try a beautiful bodysuit under a cosy sweater or smart work blouse. 

Party On

Wearing lingerie that fits your body like a glove will make all your Christmas party outfits look even better on you. We know that the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size has been debunked, but the fact is that many women find their bras uncomfortable, or find themselves with boob-related back pain. 

Speaking of Christmas party outfits – special occasions are worthy of special underwear. Whether you and your loved ones spend Christmas in your Sunday best or in your PJs and trackies, there’s no denying that December is full of special occasions and fun events. Who says underwear isn’t as important as outerwear? 

Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, your bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be lumpy, or gape around any areas, or make visible lines under your clothes (unless you want it to). It can be even harder as a plus sized babe or a blessed-with-big-boobs babe to find something that fits well and gives the support you need, but good quality, sexy DD+ bras do exist! Well made, well fitting undies will be super comfy and also enable you to continue looking heartbreakingly sexy.

Splash Some Cash

Buying good quality lingerie is a good way to scratch that retail therapy itch, absolutely guilt free. If you’re bored of buying gifts for everyone else and you’re feeling the need to spoil yourself a little, lingerie really is a gift that will keep on giving, every time you wear it. It’s not like fast fashion that you’ll be done with in a few weeks. If properly invested in and cared for, your lingerie can last you for many Christmases to come. 

Stay Healthy

Aside from aesthetics and self-love, the right set of underwear just does a body good. A bra that fits well will help you be more comfortable and improve your posture. Knickers made with good quality materials that fit your cute lil’ butt just right will not only save you from weird wedgies all day but will help improve the health of the delicate ecosystem thriving in your underwear. Seems only fair to give your body a fighting chance against all the alcohol, parties and food! 

In our opinion, there’s very little in the world better to buy yourself than new underwear. Christmas is just our excuse. Go forth and enjoy, you little Christmas vixen. 

How to Store Bras

There’s much more to storing a bra than first meets the eye. A bra needs to lie in a certain way and has space to breathe when stored – and no, that’s not overly dramatic! Bras are arguably the most important item in any woman’s lingerie collection – perhaps even her entire clothing collection – so needless to say, caring for them in the right way is pretty important.

How you store your bras can affect how long they last, the shape they provide and how well they support your bust. It’s time to bring to order your favourite intimates…

Should I fold my bras?

It depends – does the bra have a moulded cup, such as a push-up or t-shirt bra? If so then no, it’s not recommended. It might save space in the underwear drawer but it can change a bras shape completely. Think about it – the whole purpose of a moulded bra is to mould the bust to the shape of the cup. If the shape changes, it’s going to look misshapen when it’s being worn.

Keep both cups puffed out by lining your moulded bras up in your draw, leaving a bit of space between them instead of just packing them all in. This keeps them in shape and in good condition, safe from any snagging on the hooks and underwires getting bent. If you want to be really extra, you can even buy special bra storage holders online – it makes grabbing your all-time faves in the morning so much easier!

For all your non-moulded bras such as your bralettes and sports bras, folding them in half is totally fine. Close the strap at the back first, fold the bra in half and then tuck the straps into the fold so that they don’t get tangled. Simple!

How should I arrange my bras?

For the true lingerie lover, sorting bras by style, colour or occasion makes the most sense. House all black bras together and all nude bras together, or all basics together and all date night bras together and so on and so forth. This will make life so much easier when putting together underwear choices in the morning or when you’re packing for a trip.

Speaking of packing, don’t just be mindful of bra storage at home. Treat them in the same way when you’re travelling if possible. Lay them flat in your suitcase, nested inside one another. You could even put balls of socks inside each cup to ensure that they don’t get crushed in transit.

If you adore bras as much as we at Tutti Rouge do, follow our advice and store your bras with love! You’ll thank yourself for it later when your collection lasts you many, many happy wears.

What style of bra should I wear?

Boobs come in many different shapes and sizes. It goes much deeper than simply big or small, and everyone should be aware of which category they fall into so that they can shop the perfect style of bra for their shape to ensure the ultimate comfort and every day sexy.

If you have no idea which category your boobs fall into, then do not fear. Our boob shape dictionary is here to give you a little guidance…


This is when one boob is noticeably larger than the other. There are bras out there that can help mask it if it’s something you’re self-conscious about. Plunge bras are ideal as they provide support and a natural lift. It’s also a good idea to look for bras with removable inserts that can help to even out the shapes. You might want to try our Jessica bra for a healthy dose of sultry and sexy.

Bell Shape

Bell shape boobs are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, rounding out to a curve. If you fall into this category, you’re going to want a good amount of support from your bra, so a full coverage style is the most ideal option to go for. Many of these bras feature thick straps to provide more coverage, comfort and lift to ensure that your girls are always comfy and cradled!


These are characterised by downward pointing nipples, due to lax tissues. They often look great with a bit of lift and something like a t-shirt bra will make them look fantastic whilst offering plenty of support. Our Jasmin EZ-T bra ticks all your boxes – uplifting, supportive, subtle and stylish.


Arguably the most desirable boob shape if the plastic surgery industry is anything to go by – equally full at the top and the bottom. These boobs work with pretty much every style of bra so you have pick of the bunch. However, we recommend the balconette style above anything else. Your girls will be sitting pretty in one of our best-sellers, the Betty Burlesque bra.

Side Set

This refers to boobs that point away from your torso, with a noticeably wide gap between the two in the centre of your chest. A bra that will bring them inwards towards the centre of your chest will always look flattering. Go for a plunge style as it will help to pull the boobs up and together.


Just like the shape of a teardrop, these boobs are round, but fuller at the bottom and more slender on top. This is a very common shape and pretty versatile when it comes to bra styles. Go with whatever feels comfortable, however, balconette bras are good to even out volume without gaping.

The Stages of Finding the Perfect Bra

Finding the perfect bra isn’t easy and it doesn’t *usually* happen overnight. It’s a long process that most of us know well, and the rest of us are yet to experience…

The shopping urge

Ok, you give in. You can just about get away with buying more lingerie. It’s time to resume the search for the perfect bra.

Getting measured – it’s been a while

We’ve all been there – realising that you are long overdue a bra fitting. Did you know that boobs actually change at least six times over the course of our lifetime? Tutti Rouge recommends getting measured annually so find the time to head to a professional fitting or give it a go at home.

Assessing the shape of your boobs

Round? Bell-shaped? Asymmetric? Where on earth do you fit in? Chances are, you’ll more or less fall into one of these categories and once you’ve worked out which, your search will become much easier.

Embracing your shape

Next question – what style of bra should you be in? Well, the bra that makes you feel good and gives you the right support of course. From t-shirt bras to balconettes, it’s good to do a little research and shortlist a few styles to test drive.

Trying on everything

You’re scouring the internet and adding every colour of plunge bra into your online basket ready to experiment and compare to your heart’s content. You’ve now fully accepted that you’re about to spend your entire life savings on pretty underwear in every colour.

Finding ‘the one’

It’s all been worth it. You feel like you’ve won the lottery. It’s the perfect style in your correct size and it’ll go with everything. Hallelujah!

Taking on the world

Your boobs are supported, the bra is so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing one, and you look and feel fierce. Congratulations – you have completed your quest and you’re ready to take on the world!

10 Questions We Ask Everyone – Tutti Rouge Customer – Nic Hutson

  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamourous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why?
    Ooh, now does that have to be people I actually know, or famous people? If it’s people I know, then my two best pals that I don’t get to see often enough – I’d love a good catch-up over some fancy food and wine! Or for famous-ish people it would be Jack Monroe and Munroe Bergdorf. Jack is a non-binary food writer/author and activist and someone I’ve looked up to for a long while, and Munroe is a model and social activist, and also seems like she’d be really down-to-earth in person.
  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us…
    It would definitely have to be my fave red tartan trousers, a mesh t-shirt, Rougette Sasha bralette (you know it’s my all-time favourite), chunky black Underground creepers, O-ring belt and chunky chain necklaces to accessorise, and my massive oversized vintage leopard faux fur coat. Cute, comfy, and ready for most occasions. 
  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing?
    Maybe a bit cheesy, but I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance by Carly Rae Jepsen, or really anything by her! I have this playlist called Dance If You’re Lonely which is literally just Carly, Robyn and Mitski, and I put it on whenever I’m feeling down and just dance around the house until I feel better.
  4. What film character best describes you?
    Okay I have to confess I asked my best friend for this one and she said Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings – and it’s true! I’m nosey as hell, but I love my friends, plants, and my home. I’m definitely the mom friend.
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    Ooh, maybe teleportation. There’s so much I wanna see and so many internet pals I want to visit, and imagine the amount I’d save on train fares!
  6. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Definitely Gillian Anderson, I’ve had a massive crush on her since I was about 15!
  7. Bra, Bralette or Body – which is your fave?
    Bralette! Super comfy, easy to wear, and works well as underwear or outerwear.
  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk?
    Okay, so either side of me would have to be the two total babes Kaitlin @prettyflyfatgal of @bodypositivescotland, and Africa @africabrooke of @thecherryrevolution. They’re two awesome powerful women that I’ve got to know through instagram recently, and I can’t believe none of us have met irl yet! And on the catwalk would have to be an indie plus-inclusive brand like Plus Equals or Isolated Heroes. There definitely needs to be more plus representation on the catwalks and those two are constantly pushing boundaries with gorgeous faux fur and sequins in larger sizes!
  9. What’s been your best age so far and why?
    The age I am now, 24. It started off pretty badly with a big breakup, but I’ve grown a lot since and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Looking forward to 25!
  10. What is your secret talent that not everyone would know?
    I’m a pretty awesome cook! My mum’s been a chef since before I was born, and she passed her passion onto me from a young age. My speciality is probably a tofu ‘BLT’ or a good veggie roast dinner.

SS19 Lingerie Trends

With the change of seasons comes a change in our wardrobes – and even our lingerie drawers. You’ve probably got your faithful bras and styles that you know will serve you forever, but underwear is subject to trends and fads, just as the rest of the fashion industry. If you’re looking to update your lingerie collection for the Spring/Summer season, here’s what we’re currently obsessing over…

Simple nudes

Fashion is more diverse and innovative than ever and many of us are experimenting more and more with personal style and more unique, bold pieces. With our outfit choices going beyond simple t-shirts and jumpers, body contouring pieces and seamless bras and pants are having a moment in the lingerie world. We’re looking for functional pieces in nudes and neutrals – again, a colour palette that’s huge with fashion brands everywhere – to keep our bodies looking great underneath our clothing. Our Jasmin EZT blush t-shirt bra will be your perfect companion for this trend and is a staple in any girls lingerie collection.

Velvet sets

If there’s one fabric we’re going to be seeing a lot of in the lingerie trends this coming season, it’s velvet. Many brands such as Calvin Klein introduced velvet sets last year and they were a huge hit, so we’re very pleased to see many other brands following suit. This luxurious fabric will see you through to Autumn/Winter and beyond and is guaranteed to impress for date nights and special occasions. This fabric looks especially gorgeous in pale pastels and rich, jewel tones.

Comfort is key

You might have known we were going to throw a bralette in here somewhere. Lingerie wearers everywhere are still loving them – and so are we! We wear our underwear every day, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Comfort is a trend that we’re seeing throughout the fashion industry. Tracksuits, joggers and hoodies are the hot pieces of the moment – and our Instagram feed is full of them! This vibe is creeping into our lingerie drawers and we’re all grabbing for super soft and lightweight materials and as little under-wiring as possible for that duvet day feeling in your back-to-back meetings.

High waisted knickers

High waisted knickers have gone from strength to strength in recent years. They’re a nod to old-time glamour and decades gone by. There’s a reason why they’ve been so popular in the past – they look amazing on pretty much everyone. Their high-rise means that curves are accentuated and as well as looking fabulous, they leave you feeling comfortable and secure – particularly if you’re having a day where you’re feeling bloated and not your best. High waisted knickers have got your back. Check out our Phoenix high waisted brazilian knickers, available in staple black and nude colour-ways, plus baby blue and two different styles of lace.

Underwear as Outerwear

The well-loved underwear as outerwear trend opens up a world of never-before-considered opportunities to anyone’s wardrobe. The possibilities are endless; from cute and subtle, to bold, sassy statements and everything in between. Everyone owns underwear, so there’s no reason not to flaunt it and give this trend a whirl. Lingerie is so in that it’s out, ladies.

Bossing in bodysuits

Arguably the easiest place to start with this trend is a bodysuit, such as our much loved Eva body. This ‘go to’ body is designed to be seen, in any number of ways. It has daytime potential, paired with a dose of double denim action in a denim jacket and high waisted jeans combo. The brave amongst us can take it to the next level for the evening worn underneath a sheer dress, or opt for a little more coverage with leather-look trousers or a skirt.

Body’s are a definite head-turner and made for the girl who loves to make a statement with her fashion. Blogger-babe Cara bossed this trend by pairing our Eva body with a red co-ord and we’re obsessed!


What’s not to love? Probably the most comfortable lingerie option out there, bralettes are lightweight, soft and so easy to wear. In recent times, bralettes have become as much as a fashion accessory as they have a lingerie garment. Bralettes are certainly no longer exclusively for lazy, comfy Sundays.

Again, you can go from one end of the spectrum to the other with a good bralette. We’re slightly biased but you can’t go wrong with our Taylor Noir. It’s at its most versatile when layered subtly as part of your outfit. We’re talking pretty frills of lace peeking out from underneath low necklines on your shirts or slouchy knits. On the flipside, for evenings and nights out simply wear it as a crop top with high waisted trousers or a skirt. It’s longline design and cups to lift and support means you’ll feel the perfect amount of covered up and super sassy!

Knickers? As part of your outfit?!

Yes, you read that correctly – we can confirm that it is possible with the right pair of knickers! We were super inspired by Sarah who styled up our Phoenix Floral Brazilian knickers with an all-black look. The harness waist detail on these high waisted Brazilians makes them the perfect little-something-extra for an evening outfit.

With underwear as outerwear, it’s all about thinking beyond the bedroom. If you need some inspiration on working your lingerie into your outfit, head to our Instagram page @tuttirougelingerie. Our Tutti Rouge girls nail the trend every time and we’re always sharing their looks.


6 Things Men Will Never Understand About Bras

Every woman is aware of the good and bad of bras. Nothing beats a well-fitting and comfortable bra that makes you feel amazing – however, give us a heatwave and an unexpected-underwiring-poke incident and it’s a whole different story. Here are six all too familiar things that men will never understand about bras…

The unbeatable feeling of taking your bra off at the end of a long day

Home is where the bra isn’t, am I right?

There’s a different bra for every situation

Your date night bra, your comfy bra, your feel-good bra, your bad-day bra…

Bra sizing

It’s a complicated science understood solely by an elite few. To be honest, the majority of females probably aren’t sure either!

The satisfaction of wearing a matching set

Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together quite like wearing a matching underwear set. It happens once in a blue moon but when it does, it’s pretty special.

The annoyance of your bra straps constantly falling down

It’s infuriating. This could be because you’re in the wrong size or style for your boobs, your straps have lost a bit of elasticity and need tightening, or you need to ditch the bra altogether and update your collection. The latter sounds most appealing!

They’re an extra way to store food

There’s nothing like accidentally dropping food down your shirt and then finding it at the end of the day… Lovely.

The constant battle of a strapless bra

Yes, they make wearing many outfits possible but you will spend 90% of your time pulling it up and rearranging yourself.


Need we say more? #boobsweat.


10 Questions We Ask Everyone – The Lingerie Princess

  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamourous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why?

    Miley Cyrus, because she is my absolute queen and I love her. My second guest would be my best friend because we don’t get to go out and do fancy things together very often as we live almost 400 miles apart!

  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us…

    My fave summer outfit – a little black and white striped crop top, yellow ¾ length high waist culottes and black Vans. Plus my cosy snuggly black cardigan!

  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing?

    Start Over – Imagine Dragons

  4. What film character best describes you?

    I’d probably have to say Hermione from Harry Potter – I’m a bit nerdy and know-it-all-y and was always teacher’s pet in school!

  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    To be able to teleport

  6. Who is your celebrity crush?

    Dougie Poynter from McFly is always my number one, but I’m also crushing on Dan Reynolds, Taylor Swift and Chris Pratt!

  7. Bra, Bralette or Body – which is your fave?

    Ooh, it’s gotta be a body I think. They’re so versatile and you can style them as outerwear – winner!

  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk?

    Honestly I’m not huge on fashion so I honestly couldn’t say. I’d probably be watching a lingerie brand though so lets say Cora Harrington (The Lingerie Addict) is there and one of my blogger pals!

  9. What’s been your best age so far and why?
    I’m 26 now and I think 25 was my best age. My teens into my early 20s were full of pretty low mental health periods and I just got bad news after bad news. Once I hit 24/25 it’s really settled down and I’ve genuinely been enjoying my life again! I moved in with my boyfriend, I got a great career opportunity and I set my little blog up. It’s been good!
  10. What is your secret talent that not everyone would know?

    I can fit 33 whole Maltesers in my mouth…