Boobs come in many different shapes and sizes. It goes much deeper than simply big or small, and everyone should be aware of which category they fall into so that they can shop the perfect style of bra for their shape to ensure the ultimate comfort and every day sexy. 

If you have no idea which category your boobs fall into, then do not fear. Our boob shape dictionary is here to give you a little guidance…


This is when one boob is noticeably larger than the other. There are bras out there that can help mask it if it’s something you’re self-conscious about. Plunge bras are ideal as they provide support and a natural lift. It’s also a good idea to look for bras with removable inserts that can help to even out the shapes. You might want to try our Jessica bra for a healthy dose of sultry and sexy. 

Bell Shape

Bell shape boobs are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, rounding out to a curve. If you fall into this category, you’re going to want a good amount of support from your bra, so a full coverage style is the most ideal option to go for. Many of these bras feature thick straps to provide more coverage, comfort and lift to ensure that your girls are always comfy and cradled! 


These are characterised by downward pointing nipples, due to lax tissues. They often look great with a bit of lift and something like a t-shirt bra will make them look fantastic whilst offering plenty of support. Our EZ-T bra ticks all your boxes - uplifting, supportive, subtle and stylish.


Arguably the most desirable boob shape if the plastic surgery industry is anything to go by - equally full at the top and the bottom. These boobs work with pretty much every style of bra so you have pick of the bunch. However, we recommend the balconette style above anything else. Your girls will be sitting pretty in one of our best-sellers, the Betty Burlesque bra.

Side Set

This refers to boobs that point away from your torso, with a noticeably wide gap between the two in the centre of your chest. A bra that will bring them inwards towards the centre of your chest will always look flattering. Go for a plunge style as it will help to pull the boobs up and together.


Just like the shape of a teardrop, these boobs are round, but fuller at the bottom and more slender on top. This is a very common shape and pretty versatile when it comes to bra styles. Go with whatever feels comfortable, however, balconette bras are good to even out volume without gaping.

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