Tutti Rouge is now introducing ‘Blogger of the Week’ !

Blogger of the week will feature recent influencers who have tried and tested our Tutti Rouge and Rougette products. Feedback is crucial and important, as it tells us how to make our lingerie better for you!

For this week’s ‘Blogger of the Week’, we have selected the Sweet Nothings Blog. Sweets is 32 years old working as a secretary by day and a baker by night. Not only is she a certified bra fitter, but also shares her knowledge about her lingerie experiences, to help girls find the perfect fit. This blog has over 16,000 visitors each month, so it’s definitely worth a read!

Recently, Sweets has shared a post about wire-free bras and bralettes for the fuller bust. Interesting right? Sweets discusses topics from how difficult it is to find a wire-free bra to suggesting bralettes that have full support. She highlights her experience with our Eva bralette, one of Rougette’s best sellers. Inviting her readers to join her journey, she shares her point of view on her favourites. She says that she particularly likes Rougette’s attention to detail on the coordinating knickers – ‘I have a pair that’s one of my absolute favourite pairs to wear.’ She continues by sharing how meticulous we are as a brand from beautiful cross end straps to heart shaped sliders. Rougette wants to provide support with style – The Phoenix and Eva bralette gives consumers a perfect chance with this desired mix.

Head over now to our bra section on the website to check them out!

If you would like to read more about what Sweets has to say, click here for the full post : http://www.sweetnothingsnyc.com/2018/08/06/wire-free-bras-and-bralettes-for-big-boobs-fuller-busts/

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