6 Things Men Will Never Understand About Bras

Every woman is aware of the good and bad of bras. Nothing beats a well-fitting and comfortable bra that makes you feel amazing – however, give us a heatwave and an unexpected-underwiring-poke incident and it’s a whole different story. Here are six all too familiar things that men will never understand about bras…

The unbeatable feeling of taking your bra off at the end of a long day

Home is where the bra isn’t, am I right?

There’s a different bra for every situation

Your date night bra, your comfy bra, your feel-good bra, your bad-day bra…

Bra sizing

It’s a complicated science understood solely by an elite few. To be honest, the majority of females probably aren’t sure either!

The satisfaction of wearing a matching set

Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together quite like wearing a matching underwear set. It happens once in a blue moon but when it does, it’s pretty special.

The annoyance of your bra straps constantly falling down

It’s infuriating. This could be because you’re in the wrong size or style for your boobs, your straps have lost a bit of elasticity and need tightening, or you need to ditch the bra altogether and update your collection. The latter sounds most appealing!

They’re an extra way to store food

There’s nothing like accidentally dropping food down your shirt and then finding it at the end of the day… Lovely.

The constant battle of a strapless bra

Yes, they make wearing many outfits possible but you will spend 90% of your time pulling it up and rearranging yourself.


Need we say more? #boobsweat.