10 Questions We Ask Everyone – Plus Size Model The Em Edit

  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamorous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why?
    Part of me desperately wants to say Javier Bardem and 1960s Harrison Ford because CAN YOU IMAGINE but in reality I’d totally take my sister and my best friend because I would be SO weird and awkward in a glamorous restaurant and we could all sit and be weird and awkward together.
  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us…
    Firstly, never make threats like this and secondly, my Jaeger wool coat because it’s the nicest piece of clothing I own and it would take me another thirty years to pluck up the courage to spend that much money on a coat ever again. Also, all of my vintage because vintage is vintage and I’ll never find anything like it again.
  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing?
    Sexy-Amazing – White rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
    Dancey-Amazing – Nutbush City Limits (Tina Turner)
  4. What film character best describes you?
    Buddy the Elf. Totally Buddy The Elf. He’s full of love, naivety and nonsense. Plus he looks really great in tights.
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    Time travel because it destroys me that we cant go back in time and see what REALLY happened (But only if I could take my phone…) Also, it would help me to avoid the millions of train journeys I take every week.
  6. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Javier Bardem. And Scarlet Johanson. Together. Or a Hemsworth. Any Hemsworth.
  7. Bra, Bralette or Body – which is your fave?
    I won’t choose and you cant make me! Bras for work, Body for the sexy time, Bralette for alllll therest of the time.
  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk?
    Christian Siriano is on the catwalk which automatically means I’m going to be surrounded by the biggest babes in the world but I’d be sitting next to Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks.
  9. What’s been your best age so far and why?
    I love the age I’m in. The 30s bring you the confidence that you really could have done with in your teens. Plus, my hair has never been shinier.
  10. What is your secret talent that no everyone would know?
    I can dislocate my jaw. I’m not sure that’s a talent or just a gross biological disorder. Judge for yourself…