10 Questions We Ask Everyone – Heather Campbell, Tutti Rouge Customer

Tutti Rouge Customer – Heather Campbell!
  1. You have a table booked at London’s most glamourous restaurant and you can invite any two guests – who would they be and why? My two guests would probably have to be David Bowie and Freddie Mercury because they were unapologetically themselves no matter what and that’s so inspiring. As well as making the most wonderful music, they were authentic had amazing fashion sense and to me they both bended the gender norms of their time.
  2. Your wardrobe is on fire and you can only save one outfit – describe it to us… Oooh this would have to be my ripped black dungarees with a band t-shirt and my checkerboard vans!
  3. What is the one song that just makes you feel amazing? Frank Turner – Get Better the lyrics ‘we could be get better because we’re not dead yet really struck a chord with me.
  4. What film character best describes you? Probably either Deadpool because of his outlandish humour and just general badass-ness!
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  I mean it would have to be invisibility what I would give to just sneak around places without people knowing I was there!
  6. Who is your celebrity crush? Benedict Cumberbatch
  7. Bra, Bralette or Body? ALL OF THEM!! But seriously if I had to choose then it must be a bralette
  8. It’s London Fashion Week, you are on the front row! Who is either side of you and which brand is on the catwalk? I’m not really thaaat into fashion but if I had to take two people it would have to be my sister and my best friend Stacie and the only brand it could be for me is Louboutin.
  9. What’s been your best age so far and why? It would either have to be my current age (21) or 18 because that’s the year I learnt the most about myself and I had my little boy which was obviously a massive learning curve
  10. What is your secret talent that no everyone would know? I can play the flute and there are definitely not many people that know that ????